Welcome to the Network Specialist! You have truly embarked on something new and exciting, unlike any networking experience you have ever had.


If you are looking for the traditional networking experience then you have landed in the wrong place. 

This brand was started with over 15 years of experience in building what we are now proud to call “The Network Specialist”. Being a business owner/entrepreneur requires a tremendous amount of hard work and dedication, so when it’s time to network we have found that there is a desired outcome that is expected and warranted. We promise to bring you the best entertainment, at the most delightful venues, with business worthy professionals.

Not only will you have the most memorable experiences, you will be able to connect with likeminded people and build lasting business and professional relationships. You will be able to get connected to our membership and referral services so that your business will always be at the top of the referral list for your industry without any competition within our organization. 

Join the networking community

Why should you join The Network Specialist? Because you have tried every way to network under the sun, and never quite found any of them to be consistent or useful. You have wasted so much time and money trying to find the perfect solution to finding new clients to no avail. What do you have to lose? 

As the world is constantly changing it’s time to evolve and find new ways to be entertained and bring business professionals together so that we can build a solid network that will last forever and eventually become global. Now the question is, Are You Ready?

Although, our focus is to bring you fun and entertaining events, we know the importance of learning new ways to improve your business. We will offer educational events to members who are ready to take their business to the next level. Our niche will be the creative style of our customized events and the relationships you will build by becoming a member of our organization. Get ready to explore with us as we bring our vision of what a truly amazing networking experience should be.